The history of BONQUE®

For the pleasure of luxury

.. started in the year 2003 with the foundation of ‘Saigon Interiors’ in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Within a short time the company became the leading source for handmade inlay of rosted duck eggshell on precious furniture and home accessories.


In combination with Mother of Pearl and gold- and silverleaf inlays, handpolished to high-glossed facings, a worldwide network of high-street customers have been delivered with a stunning range of furniture, vases, tablets, boxes and other accessories for a luxurious home.


Besides furniture and accessories the company also developed a unique range of outlandish objects like ceramic tiles, bath tubs and washbasins have been covered completely with different kinds of eggshell facings.


One of the many highly praised projects have been the bath rooms of the exclusive Nam Hai Resort , which according to CNN belong to one of the most beautiful hotel bath rooms worldwide.


As an off-spring of ‘Saigon Interiors’ the company BONQUE® has been founded in the year 2009 with the aim to develop further the unlimited options for creating unique, beautiful and luxurious objects, resulting finally in our first range of adult toys in 2016.


After over one year of development we were able to present a unique collection combining a noble, artistic appeal with voluptious functionality.




Every BONQUE® toy is due to its aestethic handcraft a uniqe piece of art.